Time Menders works on all antique and modern mechanical clocks

Clock Repairs

* Full Services with 6 month warranty. 

* Repair, restoration of broken parts, and/or replacement of missing parts

* Gear cutting and gear repair

* Custom-made clocks (designed and made from scratch to suit customer requirements)

Service Fees:

Basic clock time only R 3000

Half hour strike wall or mantle R 3800

Three quarter chime wall or mantle R 4200

Modern longcase/Grnadfather R 4800

Antique longcase/Grandfather R 5800

Any clocks not listed will be quoted for after inspection. We do offer collection and delivery services. The call out fee is R 350 + petrol so this varies depending on the area.

The best description I ever heard about servicing time pieces came from Mr Belleme who says you drive your car to work, home, shops, etc. After 15,000 Km you get your car serviced. Your clock runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week but not many people seem to think it’s important to service. He calls this a 500,000 Km service (and he’s not far off).

A clock service is not just changing the “spark plugs, oil filter, air filter and a clean”. A service means the clock is dismantled, every aspect is checked and all parts are turned back to original (cleaned, lubricated, checked and tested). On many occasions people run their clocks till they stop then get them repaired. The problem with this is the clock has stopped because bushes are completely worn and in most cases there is damage in the gear train. This means that the Clockmaker has a lot more work to do and often parts have to be replaced or re-made meaning the price goes up (as we all know time is money) and spare parts for any item are not free.

I recommend that a time piece (clock or watch) is serviced every five to seven years, if this is done, the time piece will outlive not only its owner but many generations of owners. Please bear in mind I am only referring to mechanical clocks/watches.

The only fairness in this is that if I feel the time piece is not worth the price of the repair I will recommend not having it repaired. This may seem strange as a business philosophy and I should just take the money and be happy but I am not in business to get rich or rip customers off. This is as much of a passion as it is a business.

I am often challenged with this because often these items carry not only cash values, but sentimental value as well and often this works to my benefit. To cut a long story short I do not charge for quotations even though I often have to do a lot of work and travelling to give a quote. I am willing to collect and deliver free of charge in the Cape Town area and will travel further (only charging what my petrol costs).

So if you have a clock please give me a call 083 2308086.

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