Mr Guy Luck’s Clocks

I am honoured to be associated with Mr Luck. A few years ago I met a very interesting man, Mr Guy Luck. Guy is a very skilled old school blacksmith. He has been running his forge for many years now the main focus of his craft is making old style hinges, latches and many other items that are custom designed to suite a house or building that wants the traditional old school look and feel. Many years ago Guy developed and interest in Steam engines and models. After making a few stationary models he moved on to more complicated steam locomotives and has made 3 5″ working steam locomotives. ┬áThe skill and craftsmanship involved in this is of the highest standard. Guy then developed an interest in Clocks. After teaching himself how these mechanical clocks work and all the technical aspects of clock-making (which is a feat on it’s own) Guy then began to manufacture clocks from scratch. Guy has made many clocks since his initial interest and his house in now full of mechanical and electromechanical timepieces. My friendship with Guy has developed over the years and we often help one another with advice and machinery or tools. I have been asked to get involved with Guy’s new venture which is to manufacture and produce a few clock models that will be available for sale to the public. If you are interested in seeing any of Guy’s previous models or the newly designed models that are for ┬ásale please visit our Facebook Page and don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have on these beautiful clocks. Here is a link to our Facebook Page. For more information on Guys Beautiful work you can check out his website.

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